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Dermatology Care for Dogs and Cats

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Did you know that one of the main reasons why dogs visit the vet (besides annual vaccines) is because of skin problems? Ear infections, allergic skin conditions, and bacterial infections in dogs are all considered skin disorders that require diagnosis and treatment by a professional veterinarian. Cats are also susceptible to frequent ear and skin issues.

At Oregon Trail Veterinary Clinic, we see many animals with skin issues and our experienced team provides comprehensive dermatology services to treat skin conditions in pets. Many skin problems are lifetime conditions, e.g., allergies, and it can be very uncomfortable for pets if the problem is not accurately diagnosed. With proper management and routine veterinary care, your pet can lead a happy and healthy life free from skin problems.

Common skin conditions in pets include:

  • Ear infections
  • Flea induced dermatitis
  • Allergic skin conditions:
    • Environmental allergies
    • Flea allergies
    • Food protein allergies
  • Bacterial infections
  • Ringworm infection
  • Yeast infection

Multiple issues may be present in some cases, for example, your pet may suffer from infected ears, fleas, bacterial and yeast infections all at the same time if allergies are the base condition. Treating all the existing conditions first, and determining the root cause later, may be the best method of treatment to effectively heal your pet.

If you notice that your pet is itching and/or licking excessively to the point that it keeps them awake at night, or if your pet develops lesions (also known as hot spots), please bring them to Oregon Trail Veterinary Clinic for an exam at your earliest convenience.

You can call us at (541) 567-1138 or book an appointment online.

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